Icing on the Cake

Abrams Books; 2019
Recipes, styling, and photography by Tessa Huff.

With 288 pages and over 100 recipes, Icing on the Cake is the perfect creative guide for home bakers wanting to master the art of baking and dessert decoration. Taking you from layer to layer, this book is wonderfully organized by style, making it easy to follow different decorative elements, artistic pastry techniques, and presentation ideas. With beautiful illustrations, Icing on the Cake gives bakers of all skill levels the experience to create delicious, show-stopping treats for any sweet tooth. 

From finding your dessert decoration aesthetic to creating bountiful layered cakes and delightful treats, Icing on the Cake emboldens bakers to hone their love for exquisite desserts through every step and style.  Complete with step-by-step photos and detailed instruction, Huff aims to educate and inspire home bakers to take their bakes and cakes to the next level.

About the project:
After our first book, Layered, we were reunited with the Abrams team for another beautifully illustrated, recipe-tested baking book. Working remotely with our New York City editors and publishing staff, we conceptualized the themes and scope of the book for our target audience of eager home bakers, produced and tested each recipe from scratch, as well as styled and photographed the images from our Vancouver studio.

Following its Spring 2019 release, we toured the west coast as well as New York City, selling out events and cooking classes in Seattle, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Vancouver. You can find Icing on the Cake wherever books are sold.