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The Best of 2015

Another great year is already over!!  And before we say good-bye to 2015, I wanted to give you all a quick look into the NEW Style Sweet CA!  It will have all the same great content, larger images, lots of cake recipes, and easier access to my favorite resources and recipes.  Think of the site as getting a fresh face-lift for 2016!  If all goes according to plan, Style Sweet CA will be getting its brand-new look on January 4th (I've been designing it all myself, so please forgive me if there are any delays).  

Also, I do hope that the mailing list that all of you subscribers belong to will carry over.  However, if you stop receiving updates and recipes from me all together, then please check back in on the new site and sign up next week!  Again, I am not very tech-savvy, so I apologize for any hiccups that may occur.  But trust me, it's going to be so worth it!  The new site is just gorgeous (if you ask me, hehe).  I'll be sure to send out another reminder about the new site over the next couple days.

In the meantime, let's take a look at my favorite year to date - 2015.  Before I start rambling about the lessons I've learned, my predictions for the future, or try to come up with something super profound/witting/inspirational, I've decided to memorialize the year with The Best of 2015.