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Cherry Blueberry Galette

Cherry Blueberry Galette

"Hey, Everett!  Let's go to the beach today."

I think:
Oh Yes.  The perfect way to start the week!  Some Monday morning reflection time for momma, while Ev digs his toes into the sand.  After another busy weekend, it will be nice to let my mind relax for a moment and take in the sea, the breeze, and my boy.

*get to the beach.  unpack his sand toys.  lay down the beach towel.  grabs phone*

I better snap a few pics of Ev in his cute bucket hat to send to Brett!  Only a toddler can pull off a bucket hat...

"Beach Baby!  OMG soooo cute!!!" sent

Should probably check Instagram while my phone is out....


Oh right!  I'm at the beach!  Should probs look up and at least see the water while I am here...  Oooo pretty!  Such a nice day!  Should probably share on Insta stories....

"Beach Day!" sent

Oh, and one of Ev in his bucket hat, of course!

"Beach Babe!" sent


Ahhh this is pretty relaxing... 

*spots new restaurant that opened across the street last weekend*

Oh right!  I should totally look up the new restaurant... Oooo they take reservations?  Oh nice, let's check out the menu on Instagram...

Oh yum. Oshi sushi.  Brett would totally love this...

"Swoon. Soooo good.  New restaurant for anniversary date next week?" sends direct message

"Make reservations?  Dinner + GOT for anniversary Sunday? Happy wife!" sent

*gets reply from Brett*

Hmmmm, he's heading into a work meeting... Oh, I bet mom would want to see new restaurant!  Should send her link too....

"Check out the new..."

"Momma, play?" 

Crap, put down the phone, Tessa, and play with your son!


I wonder what we should make for dinner?  If we are going to go to the grocery store after nap, I better do this week's meal planning... Something with eggs, we have lots of eggs from Costco last week.  Maybe something for Meatless Monday?  And should probably do like a sheet-pan dinner or something when things get busy later this week.... Okay, need yogurt, kale, cheese... Crap.  If I don't write this down, I will def forget something...

*retrieves phone*

Feta Cheese
(officially unable to keep up with this kid's popsicle-a-day habit since like week 2 of summer of making them at home)
Sweet Potatoes
Amaretti Cookies (for work) 
please tell me they carry these at Whole Foods!  will already have to go to butcher later this week for chix thighs, don't want to go to five stores tracking down ingredients this week.  ugh, probably should have remember to order from SPUD yesterday and then wouldn't even have to go... When was the last time I even remembered to place my SPUD order on time?  Their bins are still sitting on our patio looking like permanent decor by now....

hmmm I wonder if anyone replied to my beach pics...


Awe, Ev looks so cute at the beach.  Damn it, Tessa!  He is right in front of you!  Put down the phone!

*zips phone away in purse pocket*

I WILL NOT take my phone out until we leave.... Okay, Monday meditation, here we go...


I think I'll make an iced coffee when we get home.  I wish I had made cold brew over the weekend...

Cherry Blueberry Galette
Cherry Blueberry Galette

Okay, you get the idea.  Why is it so hard to just relax and "be present?"  Isn't it ironic that I always read about "being present" on social media?  Between the racing thoughts that constantly cloud my brain and ever present WiFi, it's no wonder that I can never fully relax anywhere.  I can't even blame my phone.  Even when I am void of all devices, I tend to do my best thinking in the shower.  

Am I the only one that has to consciously try to live in the moment?  Of course there are times when my attention is razor focused and I am not even thinking about multi-tasking - like when I sing to my son at bedtime, when I am in the photography zone, or when the hubs and I are giggling over an old episode of Veep.  But too much of the in between is focussed on what I am going to do later or wondering what everyone else is up to (social media).  Ya know?

I am a pretty anxious person in general.  My mind tends to race and snowball out of control rather quickly from time to time.  I know this.  Especially since I work from home and my job requires an online presence, it really is difficult to shut it all down.

I wrote about this after our pup Remy passed away this spring, but one of the only no-fail ways to really shut down my brain in order to focus on the task at hand it to make pastry dough.  I always opt to make my doughs by hand, because there is just something so therapeutic (to me) about feeling the butter and flour come together between my fingertips as I completely zone out.  I particularlly enjoy smooshing and spreading the flour-covered chunks of cold butter between my palms until they turn it sheets of butter that will later bake into crispy layers.  With the goal of a flakey pie crust on the horizon, only then can I block nearly everything out and focus on adding each tablespoon of ice water until the pastry exhibits the perfect consistency.  You won't catch me checking Instagram "likes" or Twitter followers while making precious pastry dough, that's for sure.

Cherry Blueberry Galette
Cherry Blueberry Galette
Cherry Blueberry Galette

This Blueberry Cherry Galatte is actually a mash-up of recipes and ideas.  I was first inspired by Lily's Hazelnut Cherry Galette that I saw on her gorgeous blog, Kale and Caramel.  I was immediately infatuated by the whole cherries she used and how beautiful they baked up.  I can't say I recall fresh, whole cherries being used in an open-faced pastry like this before!

Unfortunately, I only had half the cherries that her tart called for.  However, my brain pinged on a recipe I remembered seeing in Izy's new book, The Savvy Cook (I told you my brain is always churning!).  In her follow up book to the lovely Top with Cinnamon, I remember booking marking the page for her Any-Fruit Galette.  I'm a sucker for recipes like this!  In fact, her new book is entirely based around the concept of using ingredients you already have and making a sort of play-book to dinner (and leftovers) instead of straight recipes.  Genius!!  This book is a gem.  Truly amazing.  I've already made several recipes including the Minestrone Chickpea Stew, Falafel Smash Pitas, and Lazy Potato Hash with kale, pesto, and eggs.  And of course, this galette. 

I set out to make this rustic tart last week, just after the BC Blueberry council made a very generous delivery of local blueberries to my front door.  This job as an "influencer" does have its perks, and fresh, local British Columbia Blueberries is certainly on the top of that list!  Last year, I made this Blue and Blackberry Pie.  I wasn't sure if I could beat that stand-out recipe, but I think this one is pretty close.  A bit more rustic that the braided pastry that made the pie such a showstopper, but come on - how delicious do those bursting blueberries and juicy cherries look in that golden, ultra-flakey crust?!?!

Cherry Blueberry Galette

Cherry Blueberry Galette
adapted from The Savvy Cook

Single All-Butter Pie Crust
1 cup all-purpose flour
2/3 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup cold unsalted butter, diced
4 to 6 tablespoons ice cold water
1 egg (whole, white, or yolk)
splash milk or water (for egg wash)
turbinado sugar for sprinkling

1 pound of fruit (this ended up being about 2 cups each of whole, pitted cherries and blueberries)
2 to 5 tablespoons sugar (depending on the sweetness of the fruit)
2 teaspoons corn starch
pinch cinnamon
juice from 1/4 lemon

Izy suggests plums, peaches, rhubarb, apples, berries, etc.  

In a large bowl, whisk together the flours, salt and sugar.  Using a pair of forks or just your fingertips, cut the butter into the flour mixture.  Rub the butter pieces between your thumb and fingers until the chunks range in sizes, between a pea and a pecan (we are making a galette not a braided lattice pie, so you'll want to see a marble of butter chunks later on to ensure the flakiest of crusts).  

Next, flatten out the flour-covered butter chunks by gently scooping up some of the mixture and then sliding you palms together and away from each other.  The goal is to make sheets of butter that will bake up into crispy, flakey layers of crust.  Don't spend too much time here, as it doesn't need to be perfect.

Create a well in the center of the mixture and sprinkle in a few tablespoons of ice water.  Gently but deliberately mix together with your fingers or wooden spoon.  Continue to add a little bit of water at a time, but only enough so that if you give the dough a good squeeze, most of it stays together.

Dump the dough onto a clean workspace.  Swiftly gather up the dough into a mound, then flatten with the palm of your hand.  Using a bench scraper, fold the top and bottom thirds into the center (as if you were folding a letter).  Give the dough a 180 degree spin and repeat two times.  

Once the dough really starts to come together (but before it feels sticky or the butter warms up too much), gather the dough into a disk shape and cover with plastic wrap.  Chill in the fridge for 1 to 24 hours.

Meanwhile, make the filling by simply tossing all of the ingredients into a bowl.  If you have extra juicy fruit, allow it to macerate for about 20 minutes, then gently drain out the juices.

When ready, roll out the dough to about 1/4 to 1/8-inch thick.  Pile on the fruit filling into the center, leaving at least a 1-inch boarder around the edges.  Fold the edges up and over the filling, pressing/sealing each fold as you go.  If you have time, chill in the refrigerator while the oven pre-heats.

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.  After a 15 to 20 minute chill, brush the exposed dough with an egg wash (a mixture of egg and milk or water - any part of the egg will do!  I prefer a mix of egg yolk and a splash of milk for an extra rich, golden color).  Sprinkle with turbenado sugar and bake 40 to 50 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and the juices are bubbling.

Allow to cool before slicing.  Serve with ice cream!




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