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Icing on the Cake Cookbook!

If the title of this post didn't give it away already, then I'm going to just dive right in and get to it... I am thrilled to officially announce that I am writing my second cookbook!

Icing On The Cake Cookbook Announcement

It was nearly three years ago exactly since my career took a major turn.  In the spring of 2014, my literary agent submitted my first book proposal into the publishing world.  She warned me that summer can sometimes be slow in this industry, but that didn't stop me from refreshing my email 1094785 times a day.  Each morning, I would frantically check my messages.  Would today be the day she emailed with the good news? (you can read more about this process in 'how to write a cookbook' - a post I wrote a couple years ago).

Of all days, it was actually over the 4th of July holiday weekend that I received the email that would change my career.  I recall letting myself relax a bit just before thinking that nobody would be working that weekend. To my surprise, my proposal for an exclusive layer cake book was accepted and there was an editor from an amazing publishing house interested in printing my book.  My book??  Are you serious?  Two years later, Layered hit shelves everywhere.

Ever since I hit 'send' on my first manuscript, I've been wanting to write another. The experience was everything I dreamed it could be.  I spent my days writing about all-things cake, testing recipes, and photographing stunning layered desserts.  Who wouldn't want to do that every day?  Being able to publish a book is an absolute honor, and to be granted with the opportunity to do it again is more amazing than I could ever describe.

Icing On The Cake Cookbook Announcement

Okay, on to the new book. Big surprise here... It's all about desserts!!  Pretty, decorative ones, to be exact.  Or as my agent put it in our press release, Icing on the Cake: Decorating Simple, Stunning Desserts at Home is "a guide to creative, show-stopping treats for all occasions, taking home bakers from cake pan to presentation to dessert plate."

Similar to Layered, the new book is full of stylish cakes, both unique and classic flavour combinations, and tons of instructional information for recreating and decorating your own desserts.  This time though, Icing on the Cake goes beyond just layer cakes (there are still a TON of those, too, though).  From macarons to pies to other pastries, the new book will be packed all sorts of sugary delights!!  

My favorite part?  Each dessert will also include a decorative element, artistic pastry technique, a how-to tutorial, or a presentation idea.  So fun, right?!?!  Think stylish buttercream cakes, classic chocolate and sugar work, braided lattice pies, and so much more.  Included will be dozens of step-by-step photos, every baking tip and trick I know, and even extra information for things like recipe conversions, baking timelines and prep ideas, transportation, and presentation.

Icing On The Cake Cookbook Announcement

I've been busy this summer photographing many of the designs and testing recipe after recipe.  Once again, my kitchen is covered in sprinkles, slices of cake to be taste-tested, and a thin layer of buttercream on nearly every surface.  And while Icing on the Cake isn't expected to hit shelves until 2019, you can follow along some of the behind the scenes on Instagram #icingonthecakebook

Icing On The Cake Cookbook Announcement

Of course I can't reveal too much right now, but I hope you all are just as excited about this as I am!  It's going to be fantastic - I just know it, hehe.  I am once again working with my lovely editor and the amazing team at Abrams Books, so you know it will be gorgeous =) 

Lastly, I literally could not have done this without YOU!  Thank you for your overwhelming amount of support and love for Layered.  We are already onto our 4th printing and are now in 3 languages!!  Keep sharing the cake love, and I'll be sure to update you all with new book details as they roll in.


Love you all!!  xo Tessa

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