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Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with ombré chocolate filling

FOUR layers of classic chocolate cake, velvety fudge frosting, and chocolate ombré filling!

Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with ombré chocolate filling.

You guys!  Life is good.  And a giant slice of this Chocolate Layer Cake with ombré filling makes it even sweeter.  I’ve been meaning to share this recipe with you all for a few weeks now, but other than “Make and eat this chocolate cake because it is amazing!,” I don’t really have too much to say about it. 

Fortunately, this cake (and photos) really speaks for itself.  But if you want to dive deeper into my complicated brain (because that’s why you truly follow this blog, right? LOL), here is a story about nothing…

Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with ombre chocolate filling
Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with ombre chocolate filling.

As my mother-in-law likes to simply say, “Life is good.”  I am very grateful for the beautiful life I am currently living, but let me tell you, "adulting" can be rather dull and ordinary to talk about.  If I would have started this blog in my 20’s, I could fill these posts with a hundred stories about love and heartbreak, ditching my original life plan and finding my passion for pastry, thinking I know everything about life at age 23, and all of the other struggles post-grad girls go through once thrust back into the real world.  There would be an endless supply of dramatic anecdotes that would flow from my fingertips to my keyboard to your screens. 

But at 32, things are just not as complicated or dramatic anymore (for the most part – for now, at least).  We don’t have time to travel much, but find enjoyment from simple things like cooking a nice meal at home or going for a walk on the seawall.  Things are just starting to settle down more.  Does anyone else kind of feel this way at this stage in life?  Are we boring or just happy?

We have a routine.  There aren’t too many high and lows in our everyday lives.  Brett works a 9-5 that he loves, and we just hired a new nanny to help me with the toddler on days I need to work more from home. The Huff household is becoming pretty vanilla.  But sometimes vanilla can be so simple pure and tasty and wonderful.  We aren’t living a lavish life of luxury nor struggling to swim and survive, but we couldn’t be happier or grateful at this stage in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong though; life certainly isn’t perfect (says the girl who just spilled her leftovers on the keyboard).  I definitely don’t think I have everything figured out, and I am sure there is much more craziness to come.  I’m not saying that I am tapped out of stories or that we won’t have wild adventures to share in the future, but I wanted to stop and appreciate the calm between storms. Today, life is good. 

Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with ombré chocolate filling.
Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with ombré chocolate filling.
Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with ombre chocolate filling.

Now is the time to enjoy the mundane and find every day beauty in the little things, or at least until Everett wakes up from his nap and hurricanes through the living room for the 38th time this week…But for those moments, and everything else in between, there is always chocolate cake to make life a little sweeter.

Okay, that’s all!  Happy Wednesday!  Now go eat some chocolate cake.


Find my full recipe over on Brit.Co

Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with ombré chocolate filling.

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