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[Ice] cream, you scream....

I thought I was done with frozen treats for the summer, but yesterday I found myself taking out the ice cream maker that had already been put away for the season to churn up one more recipe. August is always a strange time.  With summer-like temperatures but the holidays quickly approaching (I've already seen Halloween decorations!!), it's a strange in-between the seasons time.  But, if you find yourself like me, still craving ice cream, I have a couple late-summer recipes to share with you!

French macarons ice cream sandwiches
French Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches.
French Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

I created this whimsical French Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches for West Elm last month.  They use my go-to method for making macarons (but bigger!) and a simple no-churn ice cream.  The trick to making them nice and even?  Freeze the ice cream in a sheet pan, then cut out disks of ice cream with a round cookie cutter that is just slightly smaller than the cookies.  Plus, spinels and chocolate chips, of course =)

Also on West Elm, I made the Grown-Up Ice Cream Sundaes!  Who says kids should get all the fun?  Because let's face it, adults like ice cream too - especially when it is homemade Stout Stracciatella and fancied up with nut brittle and boozy fudge sauce!!  Here is a bit more of what I have to say about this drool-worthy combo, just in case you weren't already convinced you should drop everything to make this right now:

Creamy, dreamy and flecked with bittersweet chocolate pieces, the homemade Stout Stracciatella Ice Cream is delightfully smooth and flavorful. Dark stout beer adds a smooth, malted flavor that is pleasantly balanced with real vanilla bean seeds and heavy cream. Instead of store-bought fudge, swap the jarred stuff for some boozy Mocha Rum Sauce and replace chopped nuts with homemade hazelnut brittle! The Stout Stracciatella is the perfect base for any grown-up sundae, but the more options for toppings the better. Try adding anything from fudgy brownie bites and flakey sea salt to classics like sprinkles and sweetened whipped cream!
Stout Stracciatelly Ice Cream Sundae
Stout Stracciatella Ice Cream

Want to make one of the recipes (or one of your own), but not sure about the best to photograph something potential messy and definitely melty?  I've got you covered there, too.  You can find my best tips and tricks for photographing REAL ice cream and frozen desserts over on Food Bloggers of Canada!

How to Photograph Ice Cream and Popsicles
How to Photograph Ice Cream and Popsicles
How to Photograph Ice Cream and Popsicles

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