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My DREAM 32nd Birthday Feast

Hi all!  Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday.  In my head, I still think it’s 2012 and I am about 26 (even though I was 28 in 2012).  I honestly don’t know where time goes, but then I look at what I’ve done lately (baby, book, moving to Canada) and remember.  For those reasons and a few others, I don’t really mind being another year older.   While being an adult comes with its own responsibilities, there are certainly some perks, too.  As an adult, you kinda get to do whatever you want (to an extent, of course).  And for my 32nd birthday, all I really want is to go strawberry picking with my little family and eat delicious food.

Instead of talking about my hopes and dreams or reflecting on this past year, I am going to go back to that “delicious food” part.  I thought it would be fun to share all of my current cravings and favorite foods (maybe just fun for me, but I think you all might find it at least somewhat interesting).  Wouldn’t it be cool do this every year and compare?  No?  Just me??

Vanilla bean cake with pink vanilla frosting and sprinkles.

So here it is:  My DREAM 32nd Birthday Party Menu!

Drinks:  These days, if I am going to have anything other than coffee or sparkling water then it will probably come in a wine glass.  I’ll take a cold beer when appropriate, but usually a glass of house red is where it’s at.  Boring?  Oh well…. I don’t really like the taste of hard alcohol, so it’s got to be an exceptional cocktail (which do exist), but most of the time I am not willing to take that risk and usually stick with wine.  For my birthday, I’ll kindly take a fizzy glass of sparkling rosé =)

Apetizers:  This epic mezzi platter is what my dreams are made of!  Give me all the hummus, please.  I could probably devour it, along side this modern crudité, before the main course even arrives.  Also this – more hummus!  But please don’t forget the burrata.

If there is still room, then I’ll take one of these goat cheese and tomato toasts with balsamic redaction.

Sides/Salads: I know we are little late to hop of bandwagon here, but Brett and I have really been diggin’ the kale cesar lately.  I’ve also been making an amazing grainy mustard and lemon roasted potato dish that I adapted from the new Love and Lemons cookbook.  I add extra garlic and it is wonderfully tangy.

Also, any sort of roasted veggie with a spicy or herby yogurt or tahini drizzle.

Mains:  I would describe my own cooking style as a Mediterranean-Californian fusion.  But when it comes to eating and comfort food, I am the hugest pasta-lover you will ever find.  My favorite dish is the Bucatini all’Amatriciana down the street at Tavola - a hearty, rich red sauce with bacon over hollow spaghetti-like noodles. 

The Cali girl in me will always crave tacos, and these chipotle pulled pork tacos sound like they were made for me.

Lastly, the lamb hushwie from Nuba, with extra pickled red cabbage, is always a winner in my eyes.

Dessert:  I’ve been drooling over Yossy’s simple strawberry tart that I keep seeing pop up everywhere and must try it asap!

No to be too arrogant or anything, but my Baked Alaska ice cream pie just might be the frozen treat of the summer.

Baked Alaska Ice Cream Pie

Cake: Notice how “Cake” is in it’s own separate category from “Dessert?”  That was no accident.  Cake should ALWAYS stand on its own, hehe.

This London Fog Cake has quickly become the top recipe from my book.  Not only is it a favorite of mine, but this is the cake that I’ve received the most love and praise.  I’m not sure what people love most: the Earl Grey buttercream or the salted caramel sauce?  Probably both =)

London Fog Cake with classic chocolate cake, earl grey buttercream, and salted caramel sauce.


My blog birthday and my real birthday just happen to share the same month.  I am off to work on a new cake to celebrate both.  I’ll try to post it in a couple weeks.  Happy Friday!

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