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"Layered" Pre-Order Campaign!

Pre-order your copy of Layered today to receive a gift with purchase! 


Yes, that’s right.  With just under a month until it’s release, it’s not time to officially pre-order your own copy of Layered: Baking, Building, and Styling Spectacular Cakes.  Head over to my official book page here to find a list of retailers where the book is currently available for pre-order.


In case you haven’t heard, here’s a peak at what you can find within the pages of Layered:

The book, ‘Layered: Baking, Building, and Styling Spectacular Cakes,’ is all about - you guessed it, CAKES! Layer cakes, to be exact. I’ve packed 288 pages full of my all-time favorite recipes, tips and tricks from my years making cakes, and some crafty tutorials so you can make bakery-style cakes at home! From the classics like Red Velvet and Boston Cream Pie to more whimsical and adventurous flavors like Strawberry Confetti, Mango Coconut Cream, and Red Wine Blackberry, there is a recipe for every occasion. I’ve added some helpful step-by-step photos as well as a stylish, full-page image (or two) for EACH cake.

Why pre-order and not just wait until April 19th?  Well, if you pre-order your copy now (and why not one for a friend, too, while you are at it?), you can receive a free frosting spatula to get you started on creating your own decorative cakes!  Also, I even sign a bookplate for ya.  Head over to Abrams Books to redeem your gift while supplies last!


“But Tessa, I already pre-ordered my copy!”  Don’t worry!  You can still redeem your gift by entering your pre-order confirmation number here.  And also, THANK YOU!!!  Your support and enthusiasm for spectacular layer cakes makes me so happy. 


By pre-ordering, not only will want to thank your past-self for the present left on your doorstep a few weeks from now (who doesn’t love a happy mail day?), but to my understanding, it really does make a difference for sales.  All of your excitement for the book (as shown by placing an order ahead of time) tells book sellers that people are really excited about making awesome layer cakes and that they better make sure to stock their shelves. 


To show my gratitude for all your lovely supporters, I created this little video for you:


Want even more behind the scenes?  Check out my short series entitled "How to Write a Cookbook" part 1 and part 2.

Gift with purchase only available until April 18, 2016 or while supplies last.  Offer limited to residents of the 50 US (and D.C) state, aged 18 or older.  For more rules and regulations go here.

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