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Chocolate Bourbon Marble Cake + GIVEAWAY!

Swirls of chocolate and brown sugar bourbon buttercream sandwiched between layers of decadent chocolate cake and surprise pecan crunch filling!

Chocolate Bourbon Marble Cake with pecan crunch.

’Tis the season, folks!  The holidays have officially arrived.  I could not be more thankful and thrilled to be celebrating this cherished time of year with my little family and close friends.  

This past month has been sort of a whirl-wind of Christmas baking, toddler entertaining, winter colds, and lots of rain.  When not sick with this horrendous cough, I’ve been baking up a storm for the holidays and chasing around my curious little Everett non-stop..  Life has been happy, crazy, exhausting, but extremely full these days.  And it’s only just begun!

Chocolate Bourbon Marble Cake with pecan crunch.
Chocolate Bourbon Marble Cake with pecan crunch.
Chocolate Bourbon Marble Cake with pecan crunch.

I know it’s cliché, but Christmas truly is my most favorite time of year.  The one good thing about Canadian Thanksgiving being in October is that we get to start celebrating Christmas right after Halloween.  Our tree is up, baking well under way, and I’ve been listing to holiday tunes for a month now.  This year is going to be particularly special for a few reasons: we get to witness the magic of Christmas from the perspective of a toddler, we get to fly home in time for Christmas Eve this year (which just might actually be my favorite day), and we have so much to thankful for.

I’m sure I’ll be writing about twinkly lights, Everett’s first encounter with Santa, catching snowflakes, etc before the 25th, but today I just want to give thanks.  I am a bit late for Thanksgiving, but it is still the season of giving, so please accept a big THANK YOU from me to you!  It’s been such an incredible year!  For each and every one of you that has supported me and my book, baked and shared your own cake creations, voted for ‘Layered’ in the Good Reads awards, and/or left a sweet, supportive comment, please know how much I appreciate you.  People have emailed and tagged photos of their “Layered inspired” cakes for weddings, birthdays, showers, and more.  There are even a few of you who are baking their way through my book!!  I have never been so honoured to be a small part of your special days. 

I’ve hosted a few giveaways this fall (and I still have another coming up in December), but this time I am only opening up the giveaway for those who have already purchased their own copy of ‘Layered.’  Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your tremendous amount of support, and this is just a small way I can show my gratitude.  Surely you already have a copy, but why not have another to give as a gift this holiday season?!  Or at least this is my intention.  Just another way to spread and share the cake love!!

So how does this work?  For a chance to win a signed copy of ‘Layered’ in time for the holidays, post and tag a photo on Instagram using the hashtags #LayeredCookBook and #LayeredHoliday.  Feel free to post your own Layered-inspired cake, the book itself in your own home or kitchen, or any other photo that indicates that you own and (hopefully) love ‘Layered.’  Only photos posted November 29th to December 3rd may qualify.  If you've already posted a Layered cake pic, please re-post during the specified time frame.  If you have a private account, please message me directly.  At the end of the week, I will round up all of the entries and select a winner at random.  US and Canadian residents only.  The winner’s photo will then be re-posted on my Instagram!

Chocolate Bourbon Marble Cake with pecan crunch.
Chocolate Bourbon Marble Cake with pecan crunch.

In the meantime, please enjoy this Chocolate Bourbon Marbled Cake that I created for The Cake Blog.  Deep into winter and stormy weather season, I find myself searching for foods of comfort and decadence. And with the holidays approaching at lightening speed, traditional flavors float up to the top of my baking “to-do” list. This cake started out as a pecan pie. After a few unexpected twists and turns, it evolved into this nearly sinful Chocolate Bourbon Marbled Cake with a pecan crunch. Don’t you just love a happy accident?

Here’s a bit more of what I have to say about this absurdly decadent and unapologetically indulgent cake combination: 

If you are a bourbon fan or not, this chocolatey cake is both familiar in its flavor pairing but special enough for any upcoming holiday celebration. This deeply fudgey cake comes together easily on the stovetop before being baked and drowned in a boozy simple syrup. Finely chopped toasted pecans get folded into the filling for a bit of texture and nuttiness. But the buttercream – now that’s the star here. Using brown sugar immediately elevates this meringue-based buttercream and brings about an almost caramel flavour that is perfect for this time of year. A big glug of bourbon and real vanilla bean seeds takes it to the next level. For the marbled effect, simply reserve a bit of the buttercream and mix with a teaspoon or so of cocoa powder then randomly swipe it around a nearly smooth buttercream cake just before finishing it off. A couple final spins on the cake turntable at the very end, and the colors will marble and swirl before your eyes!
— Tessa Huff for The Cake Blog
Chocolate Bourbon Marble Cake with pecan crunch.

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