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Chocolate Pomegranate Bread Twist

Chocolate Pomegranate Bread Twist


ChocoPomBraidBread4 My dear husband, bless him, has come along way with his eating habits.  When we met, he had more condiments in his fridge than real food and truly believed that frozen Jalapeño Poppers made for an entire meal.  Although he has always been open to trying new things like sushi andThai (even before I was around), now he might even be more of an adventurous eater than me.  His cooking skills have gone from only being able to cook chicken breast (still sort of impressive for a bachelor - in his defence) to making homemade gyoza with me and coming up different dishes and sauces that are quite creative and actually taste really good.

So while I am the one who mainly cooks for us, I do turn to him for certain tips.  Prior to his frozen food days, he worked at a pizza place as a teen.  One of his tasks was to make fresh dough.  I've mentioned it on here before that breads are not my specialty, but I have been making an effort to try more and more bread and pastry recipes when I have the time.  So when it comes to kneading and forming a decent dough, I call on my dear Brett.  The same guy that I teased for trying to cut a tomato with a butter knife.  The same guy that could once stomach a corndog from 7-11.

Yes, not all breads and pastries have the same dough or kneading process.  However, this recipe does seem to start just like the others: some warm milk, yeast, a bit of sugar, and flour.  I tend to have pretty cold hands (not to mention it has been pretty chilly these days), so my dough never quite looks right to me.  Since most of my baking requires very accurate measurements, I am always a bit stressed when my dough looks a little rough or ragged.  Have no fear!  With a bit of advice for my ex-pizza slinging main squeeze and the addition of a bit more liquids or flour until it looks just "right," we are back on track to the goodness of this amazing bread twist.



Now you might be looking at the twisted-ness of this dish and think its too complicated.  Believe me, it's not that bad.  If you can get past the dough-kneading, you can surely pull this off.  Ever make cinnamon rolls?  Well it is kind of the same idea, but instead of slicing into rolls, you give the whole things a big ol' twist.  After the resting time, you will only be about 30 minutes away from warm, gooey Chocolate Pomegranate Bread Twist heaven.  The dough is spread with a cinnamon-butter mixture and topped of with chopped pecans and dark chocolate chunks.  As it bakes, the dough rises and the cinnamon-butter and chocolate melt in between all the awesome layers.  Out of the oven, give a generous snow-fall of powdered sugar and a handful of pomegranate seeds.  Best eaten warm - but I probably don't have to tell you that.  Your nose will guide you!


One of the best parts about this bread twist is that you can change up the flavours to whatever your heart desires.  Try mixed berries in the summer, swap out the nuts, or even spread with chocolate-hazelnut butter.  I think I might have to try that combo next..... The pomegranates here make it look super festive, don't you think?

ChocoPomBraidBread5The recipe and method were adapted by Joy the Baker.  Follow her amazing step-by-step tutorial here!



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