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Oh Boy!

For those of you who don't already know, we are having a baby!  Yup, without any further fanfare or a surprise reveal, there indeed is a tiny child on the way. To be honest, I first drafted this post a couple months ago, and forgot to publish it.  I am now sitting here exactly 2 months away from my due date.  My belly is growing as crunch time to both book + baby delivery is getting shorter.  It's been totally insane over here, and I absolutely love it!

Here's what I meant to share with you just after the announcement of my book deal:


"First of all, thank you all sooooo much for your kind and encouraging worlds regarding my new book.  I really appreciate each and every sentiment.  They certainly help me get through these busy days....

Speaking of busy days, did I mention that the manuscript is due in January?  While that does not give me too much extra wiggle room, it is kind of working out for the best.  Not only is the book due in January, but so is our first child.  That's right, my husband and I are having a baby!

Since this blog is primarily about dessert, I wanted to wait until I shared the big book announcement first before revealing this news.  But as you know, I do tend to talk about my personal life from time to time, so I just had to let you all in on our little secret.  So after 4 years (and counting) of blissful marriage, Brett and I will be bringing a baby boy into this world just after the new year. I don't want to dive too much into it, but we are over-the-moon excited.  Can you believe it?  I have been counting my blessings everyday.  It is al happening at the same time, but I am never one to complain from too much goodness in my life.  The nursery might not be ready until after the book is complete, but that's life for ya!  And we are certainly grateful/lucky/blessed to be living such a fabulous one."

28 weeks


Truth be told, this pregnancy was/is not a secret.  If you've been following along on Instagram, then you've definitely seen my growing belly.  I honestly just forgot to post this slightly-major news for all you lovely blog readers.  I blame pregnancy brain.  For that, I do apologize.  It would have been pretty strange come January if there was radio silence and then a random baby popping up on the blog.  Any and all new mommy advice is welcomed =)

Now, time to tear myself away from looking at tiny clothes and get back to recipe testing....

Cheers!! Tessa and Baby Huff

Pumpkin Squash Muffins

Pumpkin Squash Muffins

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Chai Sweet Potato Cupcakes