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DIY Flower Crown Cake

DIY Flower Crown Cake

RosetteCrown96 Now that is is (almost) officially summer, flowers are popping up everywhere! Florals in your gardens, tucked in your hair and even on your plate.  Glorious peonies have been gracing my city of Vancouver lately, and now I want to put flowers on everything.

Whether they are made from fondant, buttercream or royal icing, edible sugar flowers are the perfect accessories for sweets and pastries. Arranged in a wreath, these mini rosettes instantly dress up any cake to create this DIY Flower Crown Cake.



With just some royal icing, a pastry bag, and a star tip, these rosettes are so easy and quick to create.  Make dozens ahead of time, and you'll be set to decorate anything that comes your way this summer.






Check out the full tutorial over on the Craftsy Blog.


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