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Neapolitan Mini Cakes

Neapolitan Mini Cakes


NeaMiniCakes1 If you haven't heard it yet, then hear it here first.  Mini cakes are all the rage.  They are cute, whimsical, and extremely versatile.  And better yet, so easy to make.  From birthday parties to baby showers, these individual cakes are the perfect crowd pleaser.  Have one at each place setting at your next dinner party or send them home as party favors.  Who doesn't love having their own personal cake?  Nobody - that's who.



You all know I love a good layer cake - moist cake combined with flavorful filling and creamy frosting.  But sometimes you don't need a whole cake.  My fridge and freezer are always full of cake-halves from after I try out of a new recipe or crave just a slice.  These minis are perfect for just a serving or two.  A special treat for you and someone special.  And here's a hint for you bakers that make cakes on the regular, you can even use up leftover frosting to create different flavors!

Okay, so that might be what I did for these Neapolitan Mini Cakes.  Chocolate fudge, strawberry cream, and vanilla buttercream was placed between layers of classic butter cake to create this trio of flavors.  Any flavor would do!  For the cake, choose your favorite recipe and bake it into a sheet cake.  Use a round cutter or ring mold (about 2-3 inches in diameter) to cut out disks of cake.  Stack the mini cake rounds with your favorite fillings and frost away!



Since the cakes are small, the tend to be lighter and slightly trickier to handle.  Usually when I ice a layer cake, I use a bit of pressure when filling the cakes to get the frosting even and smooth.  For these minis, try placing the filling in a piping bag with a plain, round tip and pipe an even layer on each cake round.  For the outside, leave them "naked" like I did for a playful, rustic look that shows off the different flavors.  Alternatively, frost them as you would any other cake.  After a good crumb coat, use a piping bag with a plain or flat tip to apply a nice layer of frosting.  This may help to get the icing "started" instead of your typical off-set spatula that might knock the little cake right over.





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