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Carrot Cake with Pistachio Crumble

Carrot Cake with Pistachio Crumble


CarrotCake9 Every time I come here to share a recipe or two with you all, I always seem to talk about the weather.  Truth is, I cook and bake with the seasons and am always inspired by the changing forecast.  I suppose that is just nature at its best.  Why would I not cook with the most fragrant of peaches and juiciest of strawberries in the summer or apples when they are harvested in abundance during the fall?  During the cold months, I love to add warm spices and nutty elements to my dishes.  As we head into Spring/Summer, I am always in the mood for fresh, light treats.  Well today, I've gone and switched it up.  This Sunday is Easter, and Easter means carrots - right?  Or at least in my book.



While I've devoted years and years of creating layer cakes, I've recently found a new love: single layer cakes.  We all know how much I love combining flavors through velvety cake, luscious filling, and fluffy frosting, but sometimes less can really be more.  Now of course I had to go and add a nut crumble and whipped topping, but this carrot cake is the most moist and flavorful cake on its own.  Intimidated by stacked cakes?  Then this is the perfect cake for you.  And better yet, it is made without your typical white flour nor white sugar.



This carrot cake is even on the healthy side, at least as far as healthy cake go.  Inspired by Amber Rose's Love, Bake, Nourish, this cake is packed with carrots, healthy grains, and flavorful nuts for extra crunch.  I've used a combination of oats, spelt flour, and ground flaxseed for the batter, sweetened with wild blossom honey.  Have a slice for breakfast or with a cup coffee.  For dessert, add freshly whipped cream and a pinch on cinnamon.


CarrotCake2  [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:76]



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