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DIY Easter Egg Cake

DIY Easter Egg Cake


EasterCake2 The weather and light sure are funny things up here in the Pacific Northwest.  I just walked home from sushi with my mom and bro at 8pm and it was still light out.  In April.  It was just pouring over the weekend, and now I can walk all around downtown with just a sweater and jeans, catching peaks of the sun reflecting off the water and glass buildings.  And while I know we have yet to see the last of the rain (we won't get reliable sunshine until about mid-July), this small glimpse of light has me feeling energized and renewed

For me, I am the most happy when I'm able to work creatively or able to be with my family.  Lately, I've had a lot of both if my life.  It's been busy, not gonna lie, but productive.  Naturally, in my free time, my thoughts go to our Easter menu - the next time both my parents will be in town and a chance to celebrate.  And when we celebrate, that definitely means food.  While my work days are filled with recipe developing and testing, I never get tired of food and always have more ideas of what I want to cook or bake next than I have time for.   It really must be the spring sun lately that has me re-charged,  my creative-juiced flowing, and me dreaming up new, fresh desserts to test and share will all of you.


As of late, my cakes have been all about the flavor.  From innovative combinations to cakes dripping in caramel and even adorned with donuts, I've definitely been having my fun creating multi flavored and textured layer cakes.  For this Easter egg cake, I wanted to focus on the design and make something cute and charming.  This fairly easy DIY cake is the perfect piece to add a bit of whimsy and wonder to your celebration.

This cake might looks complicated, and while it did take a bit of time, it was pretty simple to put together.

1. Start with two 8 inch round layer cakes, trimmed flat.  Place the bottom cake on a cake board and spread with a layer of buttercream.

2. Top buttercream with the second layer of cake.


3. Trim both layers into the shape of an egg.  Use a template, if desired.

4. With a small serrated knife, go back and round out all of the edges.  Carve the cake into a simple egg shape.


5. Frost the cake with a thin layer of buttercream before covering with fondant.


6. Roll out varied widths of colored fondant and trim into long strips.  Use a square cutter to easily create a zig-zag pattern on the bottom of the strip.  Repeat of the other side.



7. Brush cake with a touch of water or gum glue where you want your stripes to go.  Layer and drape zig-zag fondant horizontally across the egg cake.  Trim to fit.  EasterCake5

8. With a small, round piping tip, pipe royal icing on and in between the zig-zags for extra interest and dimension.EasterCake4

Ta-Dah!!!  Pretty straight forward, right?  Don't worry about the zig-zags being perfect or you will just give yourself a headache.  You'll hardly notice this little imperfections in the end.  Enjoy :)




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