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Pumpkin Pecan Gruyere Focaccia

Pumpkin Pecan Gruyere Focaccia

Pumpkin-Foccacia3 It's been a few months, but I am still day-dreaming over the Tomato Herb Focaccia I made a little bit ago.   I enjoyed that delish dish with the last of my summer tomatoes.  Now that it's well into fall, I figured the perfect way to transform the recipe was to add some pumpkin.  Let me introduce Pumpkin Pecan Gruyere Focaccia.  As I explore more breads and pastries, I am having a lot of fun and creative freedom introducing more savory flavors to my baked goods.  This recipe makes for great as a snack or even breakfast.  It even helps turn a bowl of hearty fall soup or salad into a full meal!

Naturally, as with everything pumpkin, the focaccia was moist and flavorful.  To go with it, I decided to add in some shredded Gruyere cheese- both in the dough and on top.  The sweet and slightly salty taste of the gruyere is perfect for this dish, and the creamy, nutty flavors are beyond yum.  Chopped pecans add great texture and crunch.  Eat this straight from the oven for an out-of-this-world experience.  Or just re-heat a bit when serving.


According to my father, the Tomato Herb Focaccia was one of the best things I ever baked.  When I told about this new recipe, he was  beyond excited to try it.  I am so happy and thankful that my family will be here for Thanksgiving, and I will definitely be making this again for dear ol' dad and company.  Who else thinks this Pumpkin Pecan Gruyere Focaccia would be perfect on the Thanksgiving table?





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