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Cake It Pretty: How To Make Fall Sugar Leaves

Cake It Pretty: How To Make Fall Sugar Leaves

Fall-Leaf-Mini-Cakes1 If you would have seen my face yesterday as we drove out of the city and into the country for the afternoon, you would have thought the barrister slipped in a little something extra into my London Fog.  On our way out the the pumpkin farm, the high-rises of our neighborhood were quickly replaced with row after row of golden-leafed trees.  Maybe it's because I've lived in the city for a while now, but I had no idea I could ever be so excited about fall foliage.

The beautiful colors of fall were captured in these Fall Leaf Mini Cakes.  Making sugar leaves might be one of the easiest and quickest accessory for fall cakes and cupcakes.  While delicate sugar flowers may take days for each petal to be completed and dried, these sugar leaves are more straight forward and yield results you can see before your eyes.  Made with marbled sugar dough and finished with jewel-toned luster dusts, each leaf is unique full of character.


Other sugar flowers and toppers that I create can take a bit of skill and a lot of work.  You may find those types of toppers over at my Etsy Shop.  But for today, I am happy to share how these leaves are made:

1.  Dye fondant you favorite fall colors.  I chose gold, olive green, burnt orange, brown, and dark red.  You will want to start with about a golf ball size of fondant in each color.

2.  Choose leaf cutters and veiners.  If you have a variety of multi-use leaf cutters and veiners, you are good to go.  If not, you can easily cut out your own leaf shapes with a pairing or craft knife.


3.  Marble the fondant.  Starting with about 3 colors, take a small amount and start kneading together.  Be careful not to over-mix, or the color will be too muddled.

4.  Rolled out marbled fondant.  Lightly dust your work surface with cornstarch and roll out the marbled fondant.

5.  Cut out and vein leaves.  Using your tools, cut and vein the leaves.  Let dry (4 hours or overnight) on a piece of crumpled parchment or foil to give movement.

6.  Color leaves.  Once leaves are dry, select a variety of luster dusts to color your leaves with.  I chose cinnamon, old gold, holly green, cranberry, canary yellow, and a deep red.  Color by using a fluffy, round paint brush.  Mix up the colors- you can't make a mistake here!



7.  Place on cake or cupcakes.  ENJOY!

I chose fondant to create the leaves instead of gumpaste.  For this design, fondant will do the trick.  It does not dry as hard as gumpaste and they do not need to be as delicate as frilly flowers, so they are easier to enjoy this way.  Recipe for these pumpkin mini cake with fudgey frosting coming later this week!!


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