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Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes + Summer Fiesta

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes + Summer Fiesta

Carina-Desserts A not-so long time ago, I used to cater and style events.  From weddings to community holiday parties, I've had the opportunity to create desserts and design displays for clients, family, and friends.  Now that we are settled into our new city, I finally got a chance to get back into it all.  Just last week I had the chance to create a dessert menu and display for a colleague's building's summer party.  When most everyone lives in a high rise, this is as close as you get to a block party :)  Set in between two glass high-rises, next to the waterfall round-a-about, this is cul de sac- city living at its finest.

Strawberry Empanadas- iPhone photo

The theme for the party was what I like to call "Baja Fresh."  From the food to the decor, everything was styled with fiesta-flare.  The event was catered by one of the most poplar food trucks in Vancouver, Tacofino.  Seriously, the best.  The whole party literally revolved around their famous fish tacos.  So, naturally I developed a dessert menu to match, including: Dulce de Leche Cupcakes Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes Fresh Mango Tartlets Strawberry Empanadas and Chocolate-Vanilla Cappunccino Cake Pops



When developing menus for events, I typically follow some-what of a formula.  I usually recommend a combination of bite-sized treats and individual servings.  This way, you cater to those looking for a small sweet and those wanting to try a couple different flavors.  For flavors, I usually recommend something fresh and fruity, something chocolatey, and something to match the theme or season.


For the cupcakes, I went ahead and stuck with a Classic Chocolate base.  Bellow you will find the cake recipe as well as the Mexican Hot Chocolate Frosting recipe.










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