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Key Lime Pie Truffles

Key Lime Pie Truffles

Key-Lime-Pie-Truffles-textNot every treat needs to be laborious to be tasty.  Although there are days where I enjoy spending hours and hours on intricate sugar flowers or multi-tiered cakes, sometimes we all crave a dessert that is quick and foolproof.  These two-bite truffles are packed with flavor and are equally enjoyable as the whole pie. Now, I love love myself a good pie.  For summer, I usually reach for mixed berry or rhubarb.  Lately, I've been attracted to the idea and flavors of Key Lime Pie.  However, I have been too busy for one reason or another to even begin developing a new pie recipe.  Since I have been craving lime, I took the flavors of a Key Lime Pie and gave them a twist to create these no-bake truffles.

Key-Lime-Pie-TrufflesI was a little hesitant at first to combine lime with white chocolate, but I figured that chocolate and citrus have been pals for years, so what the heck!  I think the key here is to use good quality chocolate.  I am always a fan of Callebaut chocolate myself ;)  For this pie-turned-truffle recipe, I decided to use crushed pretzels as my crust.  Not only do the pretzels give great texture, they also fulfill my pretzel addiction.  The little bits of added salt actually make all of the flavors really sing!


recipe makes about 12-15 truffles

Tips: If ganache is too difficult to handle or roll in a ball, try putting the ganache in the freezer for a bit. If not planning to eat right away, do not roll in pretzel crust until later or it may lose its crunch.  Store truffles in the refrigerator and roll in pretzels when ready to serve.


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