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Wedding Dessert Bar


As we get ready to move out of Sacramento, I find myself reminiscing about the city I lived in for most of my life.  In addition to opening The Frosted Cake Shop, my most cherished memory was meeting and getting married to the love of my life.  Besides the Mister and my dress (of course), the dessert bar was probably one of my favorite parts of our beloved day.

Being a cake designer, I knew I had to go BIG or go home when it came to my own wedding. Everyone kept asking, “Are you making your own cake?”  As much as I wanted to, I knew it would be impossible to serve our forever-growing guest list. I decided to turn to my favorite, local chocolatier, Ginger Elizabeth Hahn.

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates not only turns out the best chocolates and truffles in Sacramento, but Hahn is trained in making all types of pastries. When I was planning my wedding in 2010, there really was no other route for me to go other than a fabulous dessert bar. The growing trend was just lifting off, and I had to get on board.


When it comes to styling an event and creating a dessert display, there is much thought and consideration involved.  From selecting the serving pieces to how many of each pastry to order, each detail is important.  For more photos and to find out what inspired my design and how our wedding dessert bar came to life, read my post on

Best Friends for Frosting

.  Enjoy!


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