Mixed Berry Apple Pie

The last of the summer berries meet early-fall apples in this blushing Mixed Berry Apple Pie. It’s the perfect dessert for when it’s no longer summer but not quite fall.

Lemon Meringue Layer Cake

This Lemon Meringue Layer Cake has light and fluffy cake layers that are sandwiched together with tangy lemon curd for a bright and sunny summery treat! A cloud of swirly meringue smothers the cake before being adorned with nearly neon-colored citrus slices.  

Strawberry Layer Cake

A beautiful, blushing Strawberry Layer Cake with creamy Heritage Frosting! Pink strawberry cake layers slathered with sweet jam and heritage, or “cooked flour,” frosting that is special enough for Mom this Mother’s Day.

Pastel and Gold French Macarons

Originally inspired by freckled Easter eggs, these gorgeous macarons easily transition from spring to summer, baby shower to elegant afternoon tea.  The chewy centers make way for fillings that burst with flavor: Raspberry-Peach and Whipped Caramelized White Chocolate Ganache.

The Best Vanilla Cheesecake Recipe

Nobody can call something "The Best" without a little bit of hesitation or push-back, but when it comes to a solid, classic cheesecake recipe with a traditional graham cracker crust, this truly is The Best Vanilla Cheesecake Recipe you can find.  Add a "pop" of Raspberry-Rhubarb sauce, and I promise you'll be swooning over each creamy, tart, vibrant bite.

Croissant Bread Pudding

With its pockets of jammy raspberries and sliced almonds, this Croissant Bread Pudding breakfast treat is a perfect crowd-pleaser.  It comes together rather quickly and bakes in the oven while your guests mingle or sleepy family wakes up.